choose hemp

So | activists | why should we care about wearing hemp?

  • Industrial hemp removes fossil fuels from our atmosphere | cleaner air.
  • No environmentally toxic chemicals used to grow the crop | boycotting monsanto.
  • Wearing hemp will create demand for an already growing sector | creating more jobs. 

    What is preventing us from wearing hemp?

    • When informed, a conscious consumer likely will purchase a product for a greater cause, so long as they appeal to it.
    • The two most important values for consumers when purchasing new clothes are general appeal and purchase price.
    • If the consumer is informed of product benefits, but must decide on clothing as a necessity, informed or not, the choice is inherent.

    How can we make wearing hemp, affordable?

    • Easy, we don't over charge an unnecessary amount for hemp, unavoidably we all become conscious consumers.
    • We figure if we want to make a difference, then we too must make sacrifices by offering quality at an affordable price.
    • The days of overpriced clothing made of hemp and all other Eco-textiles is over!