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Our team has a combined 30 years experience in manufacturing and design.

Let us manage your production

With our combined experience in production and development, we have built an existing rapport throughout the world specifically in Asia, Europe, and Americas.  Allow us to stream line and manage your production, while simultaneously monitoring quality control. This will allow your team to focus on other aspects of business operations.

Some of our previous and or current clients with whom we support.

We Give Back

Our goal is to donate 25% of our profit.

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Our mission is to meet all your needs and deliver a qualitative product to your door step.  By accomplishing your goals, our core values will also be met.  A top priority for us is to minimize the carbon output throughout the entire production life-cycle by using organic, eco-friendly fabrics.  We also hedge our emissions by way of efficient assembly and shipping methods.

Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability